4, 2015, since 2010, a total of 21 states had

t, whic▓h was published on its website on March ▓20, 2015, said the nation had its lowest midt▓erm-election voter turnout in 2014 since the earl▓y 1940s. The average turnout across the United States w

as 37 percent, with a low of 28.8 percent recorded in Indiana (http://www.usatoday.com, March 20, 2015).It was difficult for voters to express their real will. The Christian Science Monitor carried

adopted new l

a report on its website on December 13, 2015 that the two-party syste▓m forced the voters to take side. Most ▓voters cast ballots for a party not b▓e

aws to limit the exerc▓ise

cause they supported the party but out of fear and worry ov▓er the other one (www.csm

ome states shortened the tim

onitor.com, December 13, 2015). It was said in the U.S. Pr▓esident's State of the U

voting, while others limited

nion Address for 2016 that the practice of drawing congressional districts led to

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